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Todays Transcript.

If you wantclients that follow through with what you’ve come up with for them; clients that’ll consistently embrace your suggestions andimplement them prior to your next session- your best bet is to go for the Athletes, the military, a woman trying to conceive or a mother desperate to help her child . That last one can still often be an uphill battle since other family members have opinions and input.

But before you reduce your client pool down to these groups I’d like to pitch another perspective to you. Another angle if you will; to consider when it comes to your work in the wellness field regardless of field of expertise.

What if you could enjoy working with those that need you by setting up in your mind how wonderful it is to work with FREE WILL.

Some of you are stating that you are straight forward; telling clients they have to step up their game or not work with you and that you can come across as too blunt. And you aren’t sure how to find the balance.

I’m as straight forward as they come. I don’t lye, I don’t inflate and false cheerlead a client on. You know like can happen when you try clothes on and the sales rep exclaims how great looks on you. That’s not my personality ….AND

I can recall having the same thoughts many of you are writing in about. Your frustration with clients who don’t follow through. Who don’t get their act together to get done what has been mapped out.. It was expressed in many other ways —the idea being the same. You are Sick and Tired of trying to help those who don’t help themselves.

To remedy this early on in my business I created the way to be upfront about my desire to work with those who would follow through. Like I said straight forward I would say I’m only taking on clients who have the time and are serious about attaining their goals.

….The result ended up being thatI was now working with those who would blame me if things were not going fast enough, or what they thought they would gain in a specific amount of time that was totally unrealistic and totally different in their mind than mine.

It was a very interesting shift from those who blamed themselves for not getting done what was expected to having the insinuation it was what I came up with that was not succeeding.

I needed to find the way to create a common understanding of what the work my clients and I , classes and I , etc would achieve together.

This holds true if you are in person, online, are proving your product.

It’s where the One Focused Message became a HUGE help to me.

It also brought me a step closer to also understanding the top-notch client that I talk about all the time.

In my Connection Funnel ( and if you aren’t sure of the connection funnel head over to buildthewellnessbusinessyouwant.com and grab instant access to the series) it maps the entire funnel out for you


The 3rd piece of the Connection funnel is you One focused message presentation. This OFM allowed me to help everyone that wanted wellness information. Sharing my expertise while it helped me connect with those who wanted wellness.

Getting to FREE Will…when I began using my OFM for ATTAINING top-notch clients…

There was one more lesson for me to learn. As great as my OFM presentation was at helping all those who wanted wellness information and those who wanted wellness

I was interpreting that those who came on, those who wanted wellness meant we were on the same page. That wellness meant the same thing to both of us.

It was this realization that I can say was probably one of the most— if not the most difficult part of being in the wellness field business.

I needed to be accepting that what each individual WANTS when it comes to their WELLNESS. Is as bio-individual as their body.

Once I recognized the difference between the 2 my perspective melded from frustration to appreciation when working with clients.

And Honestly it enabled me to care for more clients when I figured this out because I was less drained emotionally.

Working with clients, classes, corporate contracts became so much more satisfying for both parties and fulfilling for me.

As I mentioned it wasn’t an easy transition because of course

I wanted to help everyone overcome their challenges NOW. And KNOWING HOW MUCH BETTER they could be and what they should do to get it right now it was easy for my expectations to exceed their reality.

And vice vera, When they saw how excited I amabout the life altering results I achieved by focusing on CELL’f Care they are completely with poutperspective of how many layers, phases, transitions I undertook to achieve what was in front of them.

Knowing the missing piece I’m going to share can catapult your business into an entirely different phase.

Here is what I know to be true after decades in the integrative wellness field.

You can help every individual you work with attain the Wellness they Want.

Here is the key wording to focus on: THEY WANT.

So for me to survive I had to make peace with the idea my focus is to help clients attain the wellness they wanted

I let go of the idea that the client needed to follow through on what I thought they should do.

I needed to step out of the warped perception I had about my role.

I needed to untangle and shift these 2 beliefs.

Belief 1 That I was more of an expert on what they wanted when it came to their wellness than they were.

Belief 2 That I was the Leader and they were to follow.

I strategically learned how instead to follow Their LEAD.

I map this out for practitioners when it comes to helping clients uncover their bio-individual needs.

Shifting these 2 beliefs

You may find yourself much happier embracing that a client doesn’t need to follow you, your advice. That they have free will, individual desires and perspective on self care.

AND your client may find that to be a HUGE piece of what they like about working with you above any other practitioner or modality!

Another big AND

over time they often want to hear more and more of what you think they can attain when it comes to your wellness.

Upfront in your One Focused Presentation when it gets to the King of the 3 Core Concepts. Right the Concept that Cells rule but YOU; the owner of your body YOU are King.

Creates the perfect place to insert how wonderful it is working with your clients where there are no woulda, shoulda, coulda pressures.

That because they are KINGand are in full control of how they go about attaining the wellness they want – on their time line.

Their expectations, and first hurdle of fear of making an appointment with you, joining a class of yours, purchasing your product, service has been overcome.

You just gave the the comfort of knowing they can’t fail. They won’t be disappointing you.

They’ll understand as a team your expertise helps them care for themselves so they can work towards attaining the wellness they want.

This taps into what motivates a person to follow through— the very thing you wanted to accomplish.

=That thing is A WANT

A WANT is the perception that they are missing something.

They want to get it.

Listen to their WANT,

Embrace their WANT


Not the wellness they can have

Not the wellness you may want them to know they could have.

FIRST start with the wellness they WANT.

Listen to their ideas on HOW they WANT to go about ATTAIINING it.

Use the upcoming 4-5 sessions to explore where they are now using the Map technique in Identify HERE of bio-individual Wellness.

REVIEW keep fresh in your mind how they defined the Wellness they WANT.

Then as they make progress use your expertise; again no matter what the field. Massage therapist, hypnoses therapist, MD, ND, PT, Health Coach, Wellness Coach, Nutritionist,….use your expertise to inform them of the options that take them toward their wellness they want.

They most rewarding outcome is when they realize THEY Want more. When they begin to ask what else they may be able to attain.

Bottom line, the client satisfaction improves, you feel more fulfilled and there is room to help more people than you ever imagined enabling you to expand your reach and positive influence further than you ever would have had you limited yourself to only the self motivated.

That is the key to having top-notch clients that follow through.