Clients not coming back?

Remove ‘JUST‘ this one word from your sessions and watch the magic happen

Today is one of the 60-second things that once you hear; it can change everything about the way you work with your client just because it was brought to your attention.

Here is a valuable tip when it comes to helping those who want wellness.

Remove the word ‘just’ from your vocabulary.

Really! That is the tip!

Recently I visited a few classes in my area seeking out places for referrals for practitioners asking me who to send their clients to for x, y, or z.

I had a list going and it was time for me to go out and try different places.
Some for exercise, one teaching meal plans, and a couple EFT training for emotional work. Conferences, Classes and instruction for individuals.

Here is the thing I struggle with when attending different courses or classes.

I struggle between

1. listening to the content, to be sure it is content I would want clients to be exposed to &

2. taking in the teaching style because I want to be sure the I remember the teaching style to best match client’s personalities.

But this time I was distracted by one thing. Over and over.

It stood out for me at each of the places I visited.

That one thing was one word I heard over and over which I know from decades of experience that ONE word can derail your ability to help the client you are working with; no matter what the subject at hand.

The word is:‘JUST’.

Here is a Motion example:

Just position yourself like this……

To someone who has never been in the position or who cannot find that position proprio-receptively that is going to deflate their concept of their relation to their body.

When you say ‘just’ position yourself and they cannot begin to figure out how to find that, they are not going to feel good about themselves.

That creates the idea that if they can’t ‘just ‘ do this first thing how they can accomplish anything else of what you will offer them?….

If they feel they should ‘just’ be able to do it in your eyes an extra barrier now exists that doesn’t have to if you eliminate that 1 word. JUST.

Now an example of a Nutrition. I heard a person say over and over:

‘Just’ include this into your diet…. oh and this is good, this too!

These food items she was suggesting to ‘just’ include needed preparing.

For a person who was never exposed to meal preparation; where to find the food item in the store; let alone practice of preparing different foods this can bring on overwhelm. They too are going to shut down. You see where I am going here?

Instead invite them to seek out the item by going to this particular department in the store. Give them some clues so they do not have to ask where they find it or WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!

Or a link where you yourself have access to it online and you have a better chance of the client giving it a try because you have reduced a hurdle instead of adding.

And it will feel like an accomplishment rather than the feeling of inadequacy. ( Which happens so easily) I was always shocked when a client shared their feelings of inadequacy and worked very hard to pay close attention how I expressed incorporating something new.

‘Just’ use this technique so you can access your Emotion,…

Whatever you are presenting by using the word JUST you can alienate someone who has been removed from accessing anything emotion related.

Each and every person who teaches, educates, guides clients,…

I guarantee YOU, when you remove this one word, you will find greater success with the person you are working with.

Take the same exact sentences above:

Remove ‘just’ and replace with words such as:

  • Try to…
  • See what it feels like when you position yourself like this….
  • Let’s see how it would be to….
  • We are going to introduce and see what happens when you….
  • Let’s visit….
  • What are your thoughts on including…
  • Tell me our thoughts on what we covered today does one thing call out to you?
  • Is one of the items brand new that we can break down further?
  • How does that feel?

    You get the idea.

    Eliminate the word ‘JUST’.

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