Want Clients to RETURN?

But Feel Your Sessions are Peetering out after 20 minutes because they come unprepared?

Remove these 2 Phrases From Your Sessions

– have your clients RETURN again, again, and AGAIN…

– with exactly the materials you need to have engaged, effective sessions!

Remove These 2 Phrases From Your Session to be sure your client comes back again and again with what they need to move forward in their wellness journey with you. Building The Wellness Business You Want NOW.

Today is one of the 60-second things that can change everything! Lots of times i-we professionals Attract and ATTAIN their new clients only to struggle with RETAIN because they do not realize there is a process for RETAIN as well.

Lots of times i-we professionals ATTRACT and ATTAIN their new clients only to struggle with RETAIN because they do not realize there is a process for RETAIN. The way you run your Intake is vital in RETAIN and can instantly double your income BUT it doesn’t end there you want your clients to be there past the way you run your first 2 sessions and that is what today’s valuable tip addresses.

The valuable tip today came about when I was working with a practitioner during their practitioner session. (A practitioner session is where interactive wellness professional meets together with me and brings to the session up to 3 of their clients ‘bodies’ that they would like help with when they feel stuck or unsure of suggestions that would help their clients).

During this practitioner session, I was listening to the practitioner recognize how now, she could see how the 3 Blunders that she learned about in: Eliminate the 3 Big BIG Blunders Practitioners Make That Keep Them from Building The Wellness Business They WANT course, actually did work against her!

Knowing the course material enabled her to see it happening in her sessions, in real time.

She explained she was NOW working really hard at eliminating them. And she couldn’t believe that they were more ingrained than she ever thought!

This is great! She felt empowered. She had the tools to use and as she implemented them her clients were returning for 2nd sessions. Doubling her sessions and session income!
Now she wants to move from Doubling her client sessions to Stage 3 of the Establishment Phase RETAINING clients.

She was ‘kinda’ making it to Stage 3 and but she was experiencing frustration.

Those who she retained would show up but the session seemed to peter out after just 20 minutes.

Wow! How is that happening? It took me great effort to ever finish a session on time.

I asked the practitioner to describe the session to me.

Before we go further into my tip of which 2 Phrases to remove from your sessions I want to point out 3 things:

1. Connecting to and listening to this practitioner is bringing me value.

-I could jump in immediately after hearing the questions and say ‘Oh you want to retain do x,y,z’ ….

But by listening first to details of her experience I can pick out the part of x, y, or z that will be most effective in resolving her present issue. I am listening to find out where her need is TODAY. You should run your client sessions that way too.

This is why I keep pushing in every email, post, podcast for you to connect with practitioners, professionals in the wellness field.

This is one of the things you can practice with each other: Listening.

It takes practice to learn to listen when you have the answers.

ACTION SUGGESTION: When you want to find the ‘best’ answer for today. It takes ACTIVE listening… Practice with 2 other practitioners and you will get good at it much quicker.

You should not get hung up on experience, or field of expertise of who you network with. Working with a ‘newbie’ is valuable.

That is why I am pointing this out because here I am learning from listening to this brand new practitioner.

I am learning the specific information I need in order to be helpful to her and at the same time finding information for my business goal of helping all of YOU.

Win Win and you know that is what I am all about.

Do not delay networking today! Schedule reaching out to someone, share the free resources from here on i-we.co, chat about them even if you did them long ago the exchange will be beneficial. Join the i-we integrative wellness professionals FB Group.

2. The 2nd thing I want to point out is how ATTAIN and RETAIN; the 2nd and 3rd stages of the Establishment Phase in Building the Wellness Business You WANT, overlap and you want to take the courses close together not to lose momentum with newly attained clients.

It is a big advantage, knowing the Business Overview.

  • The 2 Phases;
  • The Stages in both of them and the bio-individual processes to use at each juncture.

This practitioner knows WHERE she is on her journey of Building The Wellness Business She WANTS.

She has the BLUEPRINT.

  • She did not get hung up on LOW retention she was experiencing because she knew mastering RETAIN was next for her to succeed.
  • She wasn’t overwhelmed or throwing in the towel wondering what she is doing wrong.

She had the BLUEPRINT of Building The Wellness Business You WANT to refer to.

  • She could identify what action steps she should take next to get her to the next stage.

Now that she is confident that

  1. Eliminating the 3 Blunders in the first stage of her Establishment Phase is working and she is implementing
  2. Identify Your Clients Here concepts successfully.
  3. She has the confidence to take the next business steps without overwhelm.

Thing 3. As in the last podcast, Episode IWPP301 Remove ‘JUST’ this one word from your vocabulary can help clients move toward the wellness they want.

So can removing the 2 Phrases. Removing them will help you be successful running your sessions with your clients for years.

The 2 phrases I picked up when listening to the practitioner are two Phrases that I absolutely KNOW diminish clients retention.

Which of course is exactly how this post came about.

Phrase one:

At the onset of the session the practitioner asks the client:

How are you doing?

What!,…. you are asking, is wrong with that?

Well nothing when it comes to being polite, and nothing during the “Gather Phase of Identify Here” but everything is wrong with it if you are trying to help your client move toward the wellness they want (during the Stage 3 of Phase 1).

How can that be?

Well, this phrase it usually produces a very short list of things that are ‘still wrong’ and that focus is self-defeating for you and them.

What should you do instead?

Prepare by pulling out your notes and having handy 3-4 accomplishments that you have noted they have made so far in Stage 2.

My process: I make a list of a few things they accomplished at the end of each meeting, example: they got their log done, they purchased the CD for meditation, they incorporated parsley last week….

I make a copy of those successes I noted at end of the last session and put it on top of the folder so when I go to prep I have a tickler on where I want to start the session.

Instead of asking “How are you doing?”

I begin with:

“tell me what went well for you since I have seen you?” or

“When we left off last time you had purchased the CD ….”

I will lead the train of thought toward the positive to begin.

We will get to the struggles but we want that to be sandwiched in the session. Not the beginning or ending…

If the client is in a downward motion at the session right away I will say, on our agenda today we’re going to focus head to toe (have the previous head to toe sheet from Gather in Identify here with you!) FIlling in the positive of each so we can better find our next best ONE focus to your goal of x,y,z.
I am sure to kick it off by mentioning one or two items that they have done well.

Example: “we know the last time we met you liked this, found that effective, …. then there’s this.. then I’d bring in the “let’s get me caught up by going head to toe (you have items picked out such as last time your steps increased, you found using a 1 bundle of herbs per week was a good way of self-care, you found using ear plugs helps you sleep, …)

Once you have done this a few times with them they will begin to think head to toe of the good things they want to start with.

It sets the tone. It has the brain looking for the good and this in itself is HUGE benefit to wellness work. The more the brain practices focusing on the good the more it looks for it. Retention is higher, it refuels the weary….

Let me give you a specific client example.

Client (parents of an Autistic child went from multiple medications and constipation to BM and off all meds)

Now if I ask How is Charles doing?

The focus and answer is

  • ‘He had this issue in school,
  • Then that bad behavior at home,
  • We need to get him more responsible….
  • The list will go on and on…

which places them in a state of overwhelm before we even start!

Now if I begin the session with:

“Last time we were feeling confident that even now off all the medications (which was your first goal):

  • Charles’s mood has not changed for the worse. As a matter of fact, he is less moody.
  • Charles is also continuing to go to the bathroom without over the counter products,
  • Charles had 6 reports during last month of excellent behavior;
  • more self-awareness and
  • awareness of others from the school teachers and aids.

What has progressed since then?

Let’s go from head to toe and see where we are continuing to make progress up to today.

Then we’ll see the direction we should take to continue improving’.

This type of opening of the session will typically foster the response of the client thinking through what other items have improved.

In this session they reported:

  • headaches were reduced,
  • use of the new supplement went really well.
  • The willingness to eat a fruit was amazing!

AND they SAY, wow day to day seems rough but look how we are making progress.

It just seems overwhelming at times when we are in the trenches but these changes are adding up. 😉

So again, we will cover the things that are not moving in the right direction but that is 2nd after we lay some ground work down to revisit the items where progress was made.

This creates the positive ‘tone’ for the session. The openness for listening to what can be incorporated next.

During the session, I also repeat progress they have just mentioned.

For instance:
Sleep issue is consistently still there.

My response is to frame the time frame it might take for it to be where they would like it to be.,

“yes, just like with ( I choose a body system) constipation the body will slowly adapt to the new bio-individual terrain as we move toward Charles Point A and lets walk through some suggestions that may be helpful and you choose what you would like to give a try.”

Example: “Let’s address the sleep; just like with ( I choose a body symptom they resolved that took time) constipation the body will slowly adapt to the new bio-individual terrain as we move toward Charles’s Point A and lets walk through some suggestions that may be helpful and you choose what you would like to give a try.”

Now the 2nd phrase to get rid of when starting a session with a retained client.

At the onset of the session the practitioner is asking the clients:

What did you do?…

What did You get done?…

What did you accomplish?….


what did you do…? places a person on the spot.

When someone accomplishes ‘the’ task or item the two of you discussed in the last session they will usually volunteer it.

Right? They will say I tried this, or I did that, it was great or if it did not work they are likely to volunteer that thing you gave me didn’t work….

That is your opening to say “expand on that for me, will you…” .How did it go…, what are the details”…..

  • What are your thoughts,
  • what were the aspects that did work for you?
  • How would you change it,
  • What is your opinion on why or how it did work for you, didn’t work for you.

Listen, take notes, refrain from any interruptions or immediate advice.

Take it in….

Their words, their emotions, their body language.

Over time, and practicing with you, a top-notch client will begin thinking for themselves and begin offering more to your sessions at the onset.

If you guide your sessions like this you are helping them; empowering them to think things through and soon they often lead the sessions

If you guide your sessions without these 2 phrases and sandwich the work that is not working between the onset and end of the session you will actually be helping them change their outlook and mindset in general.

And soon you might find they come into the session leading the update in a very positive way.

It takes a while, because they are used to taking instructions and then avoiding going back to the practitioner because they ‘failed’ to complete the to-dos.

You are different!

You are there to embrace their process.

You avoid phrases that are judgmental.


What did you do?… What did You get done?… What did you accomplish?….

You are prepared to remind them of 2-3 of their accomplishments. You are there to support them.

Those who Want Wellness need you toLean back allowing them enough spaceto let them Lean in.

Try it. Even if you are doing an online session with your client.

Start the session with your typical forward lean while you remind them of the past accomplishments you have prepared then..

Lean back a bit, make space to listen. Invite them to tell you their thoughts and empower them with the CELL’f Care knowledge, education.

After you have listened carefully, answered their questions, pull from your expertise some suggestions for them to move forward with,

They will feel heard, you will empower them with more Self Care Education reigniting their enthusiasm to apply your expertise.

There is no failing or faltering sessions when you drop the 2 phrases.

Instead as you incorporate the flow of your session.

You show them you are there for them, ready to help them care for themselves!

That is waaay different than assigning to-dos for them to reach their goals.

You help them explore all the Self-care ways you learned in Finding their Point A.

All top-notch clients who have heard your one focus presentation or read WANT WELLNESS know this is the process you are taking with them.

That is what creates a top-notch client.

And top-notch clients are the ones who help you Build the wellness Business You WANT.


Get rid of these 2 Phrases:1. How are you?……2. What did you?….

This will help the top-notch client continue to move forward with you with successful sessions that do not peter out after 20 minutes.

It is changing your process not adding more certificates; perfecting and expanding what you have to offer. You already have what it takes you just need a little help to know how to use it so you can Build The Wellness Business You Want NOW.

Want to be part of our next LIVE Building Your Wellness Business?

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