Making Mountains Outta mo-Hills

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Transcript: Making Mountains Outta mo-hills!

PODCAST Transcript:

Today I am going to pitch the idea to you that Making Mountains out of mo-hills is the way to success for you and your clients! See what I did there Mountains outta mo-hills!!!!

Ugh, I crack myself up…having this one-sided conversation called podcast leaves me without the real-time reactions of eyes rolling I can see when speaking to a group…So I am imagining all your faces rolling your eyes. ….

 Making Mountains OUT of mo-Hills is exactly the way to Build the Wellness Business You Want.
Let me explain,
.. you are here, listening to me presumably because you want to build the wellness business you want. I am here because I want to help you Build The Wellness Business you WANT.

We are on the same page.

Now, I could overwhelm you with all the experience, the expertise, I have accumulated over 30 plus years because I know if you could just know everything I want to share about what it takes to Build The Successful Business YOU WANT you’ll succeed. And in a nano-second, I will lose you.

I can rattle off how to use your expertise to Attract clients, Attain those that are top notch clients, how you can step by step Retain them and have life- long base of clients, How you can figure out bio-individual self care using the expertise you already have, how to use specific exercises to alleviate 80% of the back issues clients bring you, rebuild, gut flora, find good testing, use Cell salts, Bach, EFT, Address Prenatal, Postnatal, infant, geriatric, chronic conditions, food intolerances, environmental toxins,… how Building Your Wellness Business goes through 2 business phases to succeed…you see my list of what I want you to know so you can be successful is already overwhelming AND it mistakenly comes across as you thinking you need to have all this knowledge to Build The Wellness Business You WANT when in reality a minutiae of the information is all you need to get started.

My 3+ decades in the wellness business have taught me that dumping a MOUNTAIN of information doesn’t help you it actually can have you running for the hills! (Ok ya gotta admit this whole mo-hill, mountains and hills thing is kinda funny)

If I instead use the technique of creating that MOUNTAIN by slowly making it out of mo-hills we both win!

Instead of you standing at the bottom of a huge information mountain thinking to yourself “SHUCKS!” (or something like it)
“How the “FLIP’ (or something like it ) am I gonna do all that! I don’t have time for what I am trying to accomplish NOW!”
I would not empower you by dumping my Mountain of INFO.

My Mountain of helpful info is keeping you from making your next best move.
HAD I instead used restraint, pulled with laser focus the best piece of information I could from my expertise and presented it to you with an action step that empowered you (that would be my mo-hill of information) ultimately when pieced together with the other mo-hills you would successfully be building your mountain! Walaa! Your goal to Build a Wellness Business You WANT becomes a reality because you kept taking your best next step. served and my goals to help you build that wellness business is served.

The mo-hills of information served your goals and my goal as well to help you build that wellness business you want.

Your accomplishment of stepping up onto and conquering the first mo-hill leaves you with the experience of success…  Success begets success and you want more are willing to do the work for it because you know it is paying off.

 Ultimately when you build your mountain out of those mo-hills you make it to the top way faster than if you keep stopping with overwhelm.
WIN WIN! Any of you who already know me THAT is what it is about double and even triple WINS!.

OK. Let’s review two things you must have to Build The Wellness Business You WANT. You Need to have systems I place for the 2 Phases of Building The Wellness Business You WANT.

Phase 1 the Establishment Phase and Phase 2 the Expansion Phase.

You must have the Processes to use your integrative wellness expertise on the bio-individual CELL’f Care level, so Your Client Attains the wellness they Want.

Let’s address how Making a Mountian out of Mo-hills works there.
When we start out with clients who want and need what we offer we are in the same beginning situation as above. The client is the one who WANTS WELLNESS they see you have what they WANT and you, of course, want to help them right away so you SHARE everything you can pack into your first Session sometimes for FREE! And then you wonder why they never returned right? Well, now you know where they are — running for the hills!
Yes in your nanosecond moment you plopped a mountain right in front of them and told them how great it is to arrive at the top.
That I have learned the hard way is NOT helpful. That is why they are running (for the hills) they have no way to imagine even in their wildest dreams how they should make that happen EVEN if you tell them how it is going to bring them to their goal and break it into baby steps. It is still a mountain you plopped!

We want to make the mountain they want to climb out of the molehills!
To successfully do this we need to use a few processes.

The first process is what I call S.T.O.P.
All my major breakthroughs in my wellness and my wellness business came from starting with STOP.
S is for STOPPING. Just STOP taking in new information.
T is for Thinking things through, Taking stock.
O is for Organizing those thoughts.
P is for planning the process

I use STOP today. When I shifted from working with clients to working with practitioners, it was a 3-year transition. I kept STOPPING to re-group, seek help and choose molehills I believed I could make my mountain out of. It saved my sanity and slowly lead me here to today working with you.

You can come back for the other processes once you’ve mastered this mo-hill
1. Stop
2.Think through writing down your personal health journey, all the detailed twists, turns, revelations, setbacks, frustrations, moments of euphoria that lead you to become the integrated wellness professional you are.
3. Organize it. Use three columns or 3 highlighters to tag what worked for you what did not. The 3rd for highlighting spots of transformation.
4. Plan. Plan out what mole hill moment/technique that worked/ones that didn’t you will share with the client you will be seeing.
Refer to this list often they are nuggets of gold for helping your clients.

This same structure helps clients that most as well.
Have them work through STOP with you…
1. Stop. Stop taking more new health plans, packages, fads, information in.

2. Think things through. Write down their entire health history as far back as the can remember. Then where they are now, all the items about their body, they want to change and what they want to accomplish. As well as all the things they have tried, people they have worked with, groups, etc…

3. Organize those items they have tried, and those they are still using. Then use three columns or 3 highlighters to tag what is working, what is not. The 3rd for highlighting areas where things shifted and became more frustrating or improved in their opinion.

4. Plan. Have time to review this wonderful work your client has put forth and then together at your next session: Plan together what mole hill moment/technique you will share with the client beginning their molehills into MOUNTAIN path to success with you!

And that my friends are the why and how Making Mountains outta mo-hills should be part of Building the wellness Business you want!

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