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Some of you wrote in asking for a transcript:

Here you go!  

TWO TIPS to Jump Start Building The Wellness Business You Want. Podcast of our 20 minute LIVE chat. 

Welcome, everybody!
We have the chat set up and I’ll be asking a couple of very important questions that I’d love your immediate responses to so take a quick look that your window shows where you can type in your responses and you can practice with a quick hello or here …

Ah good rolling in. I like that one cheers! Great! As you well know from our previous tiny contacts I am super excited and totally thrilled that you are here because EACH and Every ONE of you is NEEDED! Sooo many people who want wellness NEED you! I cannot say that enough and I say it a lot every post each podcast, in all the courses but you wouldn’t actually know that because I went through great lengths to be sure everyone here knew nothing about me or my business. I did that for a very particular reason and that reason is because I believe we all learn best through experiencing something and I will delve into that momentarily but first lets just confirm that no one here of the almost 100 in attendance know me.

Here is where we will use the chat. Question ( put up a slide) 1 How did you find me? How did you arrive here to this free open conference call? Did you google who can help me build my wellness business? Did you ask   Siri or Alexa?
[Chats rolling in]  no, no, no
Did you look me up at all? How about my business? my name?

How about my business? my name?

My name?

Still, don’t know your name.

Oh! So true, now that was rude of me. I was so excited to start I jumped right in! My name is mo and my business i-we.co is an integrative wellness professionals web hub I am developing to get all you wonderful under utilized wellness professionals out there for all that need you. And although not planned I am actually glad this happened because it strengthens what I want you to experience today!

So this is fantastic! Every single participant today have not met me yet here you are spending your valuable time to be live with me today.

This brings us to question 2. Why are you here?

Go ahead and type that in and I will read them as they come through. Want to build my wellness business, I don’t know where to start building my business, I need to attract clients, I need confidence and help knowing what to do first, need more clients, want to have stable business income, attract clients, attain, clients, get clients…
Ok we are repeating,.. if something different pops up I will shout it out but we have established that each of you has a need, a want for something to do with your business and you came here ….
as we established without you knowing me, my business or even my name. Let that sink in for a moment.
You are here, with me, ready to listen to and engage in a conference call about my 2 top tips to Build the Wellness Business You Want.
Now I went to great lengths to make sure this audience did not know me. I even set up a separate web business, and site page so the application would not land you on my i-we.co website. I did all this to let you experience the validity of my first top tip for you.
Each of you are here today because you have a need/want.
You saw a lettuce head somewhere that looked like this with a message that resonated either, this, or this, or this. Those Items all came up in the first question chat roll.
My point? You saw something you wanted, you then saw an opportunity to get it and you took the step to get it. That would be the survey. You then took the opportunity to tell me what you needed and then I tailored this session to share with you 2 extremely effective tips to help you take care of one of the hurdles you are facing when it comes to the ‘thing you need/want’.

Which brings us here to where I have allowed you to experience how unimportant it is for me to tell you everything I know. You didn’t even know my name. You are being held back by worrying about perfecting your pitch, your title, and your bio.
If you are here. You already have what it takes to begin to share your expertise, you really just need a little help to know how to do it.
Having this experience of seeing the lettuce head with 7 words that resonated with you; without knowing a lick about me; should help you realize you are waiting to perfect something that has less value than you believe it to have. Your resume your knowledge have value! Don’t get me wrong but it is not what is keeping you from building the wellness business you want. You need your ‘pitch’ ready further into the process of Building your wellness business.

Chat cool!, OMG!, unbelievable, this has tripped me up for 2 years! Where have you been?! Amazing. Mind boggling. You’ve got to be kidding me. I feel like totally in another dimension! This is life changing for me.
That’s great. So Top Tip 1.
Know what your prospective clients burning need or want is. And put the work into finding the fewest amount of words possible that resonate.
This work is key to Building The Wellness Business You Want. Whether it is one on one sessions, a product you put together (more on that later), a session like this, corporate presentations…. it is your first priority of business.
In the Attract and Attain New clients course I walk you through the steps so you can work that out as well as the private space to practice.
Mo this is fantastic, I can do this, my response: yes you can. Wow,.totally makes sense why didn’t they teach us this in IIN ( leave the name out School. Well Building your expertise and building your Wellness Business are two very different skill sets. And that is what brought me to developing i-we.co courses where I teach how to explain your expertise with very simple science so you could have the back ground to confidently use your expertise for example why the suggestion of eating good fats works, When wellness profession as understand on a cellular level how to explain that to their clients the good food choices the professional learned in their training was now explainable in a way that increased their confidence and the confidence of their client, Or the fitness coach who could explain how moving is needed because eating complete amino acids alone is not enough for some to lift low energy or mood. They are empowered to know specific amino acids only cross the blood-brain barrier with movement and so on. All

All these amazing wellness professionals now armed with the detailed information, fantastic teaching tools were not getting out there!

I kept saying….

you have what it takes you just need to know how to use it.

It was then I said what the heck why are these amazing professionals overwhelmed with and I listened and asked and listened some more to what they felt was holding them back.

The number 1they were preparing their bio, their pitch to attract clients.
It is not needed to attract. It is needed but not to attract your new clients, as a matter of fact, do you think you would be here if I put my bio out there telling you all I know about the integrative wellness business? Nope. I know that for a fact I tried that for the first decade of Building my business. If only I knew then what I know now.
Your responses are coming in loud and clear. (Oh I like this one. I feel a weight has been lifted! Tat makes me super happy you feel that way..)  ok, I am feeling comfortable that the first of my 2 top tips to Build the Wellness Business You Want has helped you realize you are holding yourself back unnecessarily.

Let’s jump to top tip 2 for Building The Wellness Business You Want.

Let’s revisit how you got here. After lettuce head resonated (actually I want to interject here that lettuce head is an example) Taking lettuceheads place could be me giving a speech that resonated with someone, I use this example all the time A speech I was offering at a local hospital to attract new participants into the Postnatal classes was “get your sexy back and a whole lot more post delivery’ Now who I was was irrelevant I actually had a captive audience because they were in the birthing class they signed up for. See what I did again I went to where they are. I did not advertise I offered a free presentation the birthing coach loved it she knew how good the info was and I did show them step by step the physiology that changes, the changes their body goes through in the 3 postnatal phases and exactly what to do for the best outcome for their pelvic floor and abs. No one would have listened if I started with listing off my credentials, programs I developed that took care of the above items.
Instead, I started out with who here wants to know how to get their sexy back and a lot more like your abs and thighs and butts? Engaged. They could care less who I was at the beginning what they wanted to know was how they were going to get their sexy back. At the end the class roster was full and I introduced myself and took top of mind questions. Questions on index cards I gave them at the onset.
Let’s back peddle for a moment.
You had a want, resonated with something that said oh there is something that can help me with something I want. You took an action. For instance, you may have clicked the post. Those who were in my example childbirth class took the index card I handed out.

The click you took brought you to a group for some for others directly to an application page where you filled out the survey.
You have now moved ahead of the rest who said they want to build a wellness business.

You took action. Those in the class filled in cards with questions that popped up hoping I would address them.

Those in the class filled in cards with questions that popped up hoping I would address them.

I now can help both groups better and am willing to because I see this is a person who really does want what I have to offer. This is how you begin to build your wellness business with top-notch clients. AND  understand what they specifically need because that is where you would use your versatile pitch that you have prepared.

What you experienced in action was Attracting first, then understanding your top needs. This helps me tailor my experience drilling down what can help YOU the most. It is my
Top TIP 2 for you. Find out your clients questions. If it is one on one, group presentation, or online like we did. Then you can begin to create your personalized pitch from there.

These 2 top tips work regardless of the vehicle of delivery.

And there you have it!

The 2 top tips to get you excited about Building the Wellness Business You Want. I absolutely know you have what it takes you just need to know how to use it.

I am there for you!
If you are chomping at the bit to get going Building The Wellness Business you Want head over to buildthewellnessbusinessyouwant.com click apply here button at the bottom of the page.

Applications for Attract and attain New Clients beta testers will close at the end of the week.

It was a pleasure interacting with you today!

Thanks for showing up. See ya!