Working with integrative wellness professionals on Attracting New Clients I learned they were trying to abide by ~ Follow your Passion = You’ll Make Money.

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I believe, after being in the integrative wellness business for decades, building your business using this concept is a disservice to those wanting to Build their Wellness Business.

Follow your Passion will result in Making Money is not an equation that will Build The Wellness Business You Want.

  • A passion is a strong or powerful emotion.
  • A purpose is one’s intention to achieve objectives

Building Your Wellness Business is a strategic, intentionally planned out, endeavor. Which by the way happens to be the definition of Purpose.

Following your Passion and Building Your Wellness Business in most cases is actually a dichotomy.

  • Building The Wellness Business You Want does not result from following your passions.
  • Building The Wellness Business You Want does result from following your purpose.


Purpose can be generated from passion

but Building a Wellness Business is dependent on solid strategic intentional actions that fulfill objectives that lead to the next and next step in Building Your Business.

The majority of marketing advice I heard from students that they were following was:
Follow your passion, create your product put it out there so you are seen as an expert; have a good funnel and become financially comfortable.

When participants came into the ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS course they, of course, had their service or an end product already made or in mind and what happened was I believe a surprise to both sides. Mine and theirs.

In Module 1 they set up 2-time saving tools covering a top need of theirs of organization and time.

This was a quick successful undertaking and we moved into Module 2 the Message module.

This is where immediate discomfort; resistance and confusion of what the assignments were leading to arose.

The pieces we need to Set up the Attract New Clients System; the system that can bring wellness professionals the New Clients they want for their Business service or product seemed for many; I was told — a leap of faith — because they did not know where I was going with the Lessons in the Module.

The preconceived notion of what the Message Module would be did not line up for them.

It took a while for me to absorb that some actually wanted a blueprint; an explanation up front in the Message Module.

They wanted to know how the lessons would be of value to them, how they added up to be a part of their Attracting New Clients Message.

I had no idea that this was the first time they would go through this type of exercise.

When I found myself explaining the very information we must have to work out How to Attract their prospective New Clients toward them that is when I understood— many had not focused before on their purpose.

The Foundational KEY to their offering, their business!

They had mission statements, they had avatars, they had focused on titles, books, courses to position themselves and did a lot of work in this type of discovery but had not yet worked through the process it takes to know whether their purpose and the want/need of the prospective client they were going for matched with their service or product

This one missing step leaves us without the messaging we need to Attract New Clients to those very products and services.

It made even more sense to me now, why so many talented integrative professionals had their Top Need as Attracting New Clients.

The discovery exercise to be sure our purpose and product/service match with the need and want is the basis of how we go about the steps necessary to create the Messaging that will Attract New Clients.

  • The Attract System Setup is 100% dependent on the Message.
  • The Message is 100% dependent on the top need/want of the prospective new client matching the purpose of the business owner.
  • This Messaging is the very thing that will set their Wellness Business apart from the rest.

I began to think this module 2 could have been a course on its own!

I took the students suggestion of explaining and showing the reasoning behind the Message lessons.

I then decided to expand that and put this information out there for others like you.

If I want to change the paradigm of the world’s wellness by getting as many integrated wellness practitioners out there available for all those who so desperately need them I need to share this epiphany with as many of you as possible.

The Module 2 Lessons were real work for the participants, as was the resistance, the realizations that came out of the lessons and the Messages… it was amazing.

Some told me they finally felt at home and congruent in their purpose, in what they have to offer and how to articulate it succinctly and with a confidence.

This Message– that evolved from their work — will translate to those they want to attract.

The transformation of their Message was amazing.

Some moved their idea of who they wanted to serve completely around!

Their product and service is the same what changed is who and how they Attract them.

Others felt like their true offerings could now percolate to the top as they were now free of the burden they placed on themselves trying to follow the marketing gurus.

It took us 3x the amount of time allotted for this Module.

This extra time has value for them and me.

I learned so much about their needs/wants their words, perspectives.

Leading me to share this information in this podcast with you.

The 2 BIG takeaways for you today.

1.Know if your business is not building using the passion for making money concept there is a reason and it’s not you. The follow your passion you have been working so hard at is actually a Dichotomy. It is partitioning of your time into two focuses that are jointly exhaustive and incongruent to your goal of Building Your Wellness Business.

2. If your focus is on your title, product, service instead of your clients want and needs that align with your purpose your business will not have the foundation to grow.

The best name, titles, programs, funnels that are informed by your passion (a strong or powerful emotion) leaves out the 2 most crucial elements that Your Wellness Business is Built on

1. the need/want of the client ( and it must be their need and want not what you believe to be their need and want. That can only come from their words.
2. determining if those needs of clients you are going after match your purpose (the intention or objective of building your wellness business).

Setting up the Attract System (which is your message) is the very first Step in the Building The Wellness Business You Want Blueprint.

The Attract Step Message is 100% individual to your business.

Out of the Attract Message Process, the ‘Perfect Pitch’ is generated.

This exact message is what will Attract The New Clients in a nanosecond.

You may have found your purpose through your passions.

That is truly awesome.

BUT knowing Your Wellness Business is built on your purpose; your intentions that fulfill the objectives results in Establishing Your Business.

When the steps to the Message Process is complete the strategic

  • mapping out;
  • discovery of prospective clients needs and wants.
  • Understanding their hurdles, their objections; the words that will resonate with them immediately….

that is when your business has the foundation on which to begin establishing itself.

The online courses, products, websites coming from a place of passion are literally a diversion from what you must first do to accomplish the first phase ( the Establishment Phase) of Building The Wellness Business You Want Now.

They have their place in Building Your Wellness Business, they can even be parallel BUT they cannot replace taking the first Step of working out your Message.

Taking the actions to identify how your purpose and the Top Need/want of your potential client Merge. That is what your business is built on.

Developing your Message to build your Attract System for the expertise you have Now is the fastest way to Begin to Build The Wellness Business you Want.

This same process will be used by you again and again and again growing your business, building the thread that will shine on your expertise like nothing else.

As you learn from the clients; just like I learned from my student’s needs you discover what the next and the next product is your ability to exponentially expand your business then grows.

Knowing your purpose matches with their needs creates a connection that leads to understanding more of their needs and wants.

They are part of the equation.

They are part of your purpose.

You will continue to build the services and products to fulfill them. Each building on the one before.

Intentionally moving you from one step to the next building the financial viable wellness Business you want NOW and in the future.

All this from doing the work it takes to master your Message.

I hope this relieves some of you thinking about not fulfilling your dream of building the wellness business you want.

You really do have what it takes; you just need a little help knowing how to use it!

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