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[for integrative wellness professionals]

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Hi everybody just a quick announcement to let you know yesterday I created a FB page under the name and started a FB group  i-we integrative wellness professionals

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So far in its 2nd day the group is 20 strong of integrative professionals that want to Build Their Wellness Business NOW.

I look forward to helping early joiners begin to Build The Wellness Business They WANT so all those who WANT WELLNESS have a better chance of getting the help they need!

I’ve created a quick survey that will help me be 100% clear where each professional is stuck when it comes to Building Their Wellness Business.

Here is What you are Sharing with me

1st: Highest priority 100% of you want help to: ATTAIN new clients.

Which feeds into:

2nd: Consistent flow of income you are missing as well as

3rd: Getting paid for your hard work.

4th: Eliminating the overwhelm you want help in organizing what it takes to attain the new clients.

You are writing in the open response that: Lack of Confidence is a HUGE part of what is keeping you from your wellness business success.

If you are ready to begin to:

Share with others and grow your network and reach.


Every single one of you is needed!

Beginner to expert: Networking with like-minded professionals will benefit us all!

I cannot wait to help each and every one of you! mo

Please note;-) I create post/podcasts FOR YOU when I have content I believe offers value to your business and clients. I do not post to a predetermined schedule as I RESPECT your time and inbox.

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